Visit To Jamaica And Tick Off Your Bucket List
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Visit the rich heritage of the Caribbean islands. Explore the rich Cultural Lifestyles and Travel Adventures of the Caribbean.
Visit to Jamaica the cream of the pie in the Caribbean. Visit to Jamaica dazzling vacation adventures in discovering hidden gems of paradise.
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TIP # 1 - Identify Your Strengths
Many Jamaica know how to swim, but only a few are strong swimmers. Swimming at the beach is different from swimming at the river or in a pool. Sea swimming requires more strength and skill. Some beaches have strong currents which can make swimming difficult. Know your strengths and level of skill you have, and remember, even great swimmer at times get in difficulties. So don’t overdo it.

TIP # 2 - Safety First
We can get carried away when we are having fun. However, the ocean is not a place to become too distracted. Every beach has safety signs, for your safety, read them. Most signs include warnings about shark, strong currents, jellyfish and other dangers. Find the lifeguard, have a quick chat, and obey his instructions.

TIP # 3 – Swim With A Partner
If you are a strong swimmer, swim with a partner who may not be experienced as you. If you are alone at the beach, stay in the area assigned for swimming and obey the lifeguard, warning signs and flags.

TIP # 4 – Be Prepared For Emergencies
Emergencies can happen at any time. So be prepared, and you will better understand what to do in such moments. If your experienced an emergency in the water, do not panic, raise your hand and cry for help.

TIP # 5 – Keep Your Phone Nearby
If you notice someone having an emergency and you cannot apply CPR, call the lifeguard or emergency assistance immediately.

Better to be safe than sorry! Be prepared and at the ready at all times, and you wont be taken by surprise. 

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